Personal Training Coral Springs

Personal Training Coral Springs

Phoenix Le Grand is the ultimate personal trainer in Coral Springs. He’s been in the martial arts for over 46 years and has more than 22 years experience as a Coral Springs personal trainer.

If his physique alone is not enough to seal the deal, his track record is platinum. He’s worked with numerous professional athletes across many sports, as well as soccer moms, senior citizens and weekend warriors.

But beyond the muscles and the sweat, its his incredible personality and positive attitude that builds a lifetime friendship with everyone of his clients.

Each workout is custom tailored to your individual needs and we guarantee you have never experienced anything like this before!

Best Personal Training Coral Springs

Whatever your level, Phoenix will make it happen for you. If you are at the top of your game, haven’t worked out once in your life or recovering from a serious injury, look no further. Phoenix Core is the #1 body transformation system for muscle gain or weight loss in the United States.  Personal training in Coral Springs & South Florida area with a world famous martial arts master, fitness model and independent film star.