Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, Herbs, Moxa, Cupping, Tuina, Medical Qi Gong

Specializing in Martial Arts & Sports Injuries + Hard to Treat Conditions.

Our Coral Springs Acupuncture in Coconut Creek clinic is a full Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic. We have an in-house Acupuncturist, Physical Therapy team, Occupational Therapist and Podiatrist. The Tamarac Acupuncture location has a Nutritional Counselor and offers Functional Medicine as well.

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Sifu Jonathan M. Fields AP, DOM, is a Nationally Board Certified and Florida State Licensed Coral Springs Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and founder of Integrative Medicine US.

He operates clinics for Coral Springs Acupuncture in Coconut Creek, Parkland Acupuncture in Tamarac and Margate.


  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Candidate, Masters of Oriental Medicine, Bachelors of Health Sciences, and plans to pursue a PhD with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

  • Trained in the USA and in China at the world famous Shaolin Temple Medical Center, the Beijing Gu Lou Hospital, which is the first Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing founded by descendants of the imperial doctors, and at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

  • Certified Qing Long Blue Dragon Medical Qi Gong Instructor (studying since 2004)

  • Director of Preparatory Committee for the World Chan(Meditation) Medicine Federation

  • Appointed Executive Director of International Meihua Quan Federation

  • Functional Medicine Certified in Mastering and Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry & Mastering the Thyroid

  • Public Speaker, Event Production, Corporate Team Building Seminars & Retreats

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We can help treat external injuries and internal medical conditions.
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