Jean Phoenix Le Grand

Honorable Jean F. Le Grand – Bio/Resume

I started my training in Tae Kwon Do in late 1973 in Haiti with my uncles Grand Master-Monk Dr. Jude Innocent (now 10th dan of Tiger Jude Seven Styles Martial Arts) and Grand Master “Tiger” Paul Innocent (now 9th dan of Tiger Paul Tae Kwon Do Modern Karate) influenced by both my parents who also hold black belts. Half of the family moved to the NY and the other to Canada.

I found myself in NY where I pursued my studies in various arts from 1978-1998. Still training & under the supervision of my uncles, I was encouraged to go out and to study different art forms. I was introduced to Grand Master Richard Sinclair of the Iron Octopus Martial Arts Survival Defense Academy (IOMASDA Ryu) in 1989 and started training with him due to his intricate system combining Karate-Do, Ninjutsu, Kobujutsu, and the fancy footworks of Tae Kwon Do. Sinclair learning from Greats such as Professor Ronald Duncan, Sr. (Father of American Ninjutsu/Way of the Winds System of Ninjutsu) R.I.P. and Dr. Moses Powell (Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu) R.I.P., I was introduced to them and were taught traits by observation. I advanced quickly because of my already involvement of years in the martial arts and about five years later I was given the title of Chief Instructor of Sinclair’s Dojo where I conducted classes for him under his system.

In 1998, I founded my system of Lost Legacy Bujutsu while studying under Grand Master Sinclair and my uncle Monk Jude Innocent which at the time introduced me to the Shaolin Kung-Fu System of Grand Master-Sifu Carter Wong (star of “Big Trouble In Little China” and various other Kung Fu movies).

In 2000, at the time a 6th dan under my uncle, I made a choice of departing teachings from IOMASDA in order to further promote my system. Still studying under my uncle Grand Master Monk Jude Innocent, I started teaching my new found system of diversity to good friends, at-risk youths, and family members.

In late 2002, I have decided to move to Florida to further promote my system of the LOST LEGACY and left the teachings to my high ranking black belts in NY to further promote there.

In 2004, my system of combat was accredited and internationally recognized with my Foundership/Sokeship of LOST LEGACY BUJUTSU SYSTEMS under WOMA, lead by the Great Grand Master “Pappasan” Jack Stern (student of Mas Oyama – Kyokushin Kai) R.I.P.. Also in 2004, I have completed and earned my PhD in Asian Martial Arts and is given the title of “Professor/Doctor” of Asian Philosophy, Theory, & Concepts. In 2005, I opened the first well sort out diverse Martial Arts Academy in Margate (South Florida) with the assistance of Sensei Jonathan Fields which teaches over 7 styles. Also, started a program for at risk children and families who can’t afford the price of martial arts for their children and even for themselves called TEAM PHOENIX: the Lost Legacy Childrens Foundation. I hold over 10 Martial Art Hall of Fames and is running the LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS’ University of Mixed Martial Arts in South Florida (Margate/Coconut Creek). I am recognized by numerous organizations and Sokeships as a Judan (10th Degree Black Belt) of my system but choose to maintain an 8th out of humility. I have earned and hold tiles such as “Grand Master”, “Master”, “Shihan”, “Kyoshi”, “Shidoshi”, “Kancho”, and my most used “Sensei” which humbly just means “teacher”. My rank is also recognized and registered in Japan & Korea as well as other International countries. I have over 38 years in the Martial Arts and 23 years of teaching experience.
Presently I hold rank:
Recognized as a 10th dan by many Sokeships worldwide for LOST LEGACY MIXED MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEMS (Soke)-Founder & Grand Master, 8th dan Tiger Jude Seven Styles Kung-Fu & Karate Full Contact – Grand Master Rank, 9th dan Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, 8th dan Kage (S.T.E.A.L.T.H.) Ninjutsu Ryu – Founder & Shidoshi, 5th dan Tiger Paul Tae Kwon Do Modern Karate, 2nd IOMASDA Ryu Karate, Ninjitsu, & Kobujutsu System, 2nd Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, 2nd Kodokan Judo, 2nd Ultimate Bujutsu System, Black Sash New Shaolin Boxing Kung Fu, Bachelors in Psychology, certified Personal & Aerobics Instructor for weight loss, and certified in Advanced CPR, First Aid, and AED.


  • 8th Dan/Degree Black Belt, Head Master, President, Creator & Founder of Lost Legacy™ Martial Arts/Systems, Inc. & all systems within it, under the direct supervision of Grand Master-Monk Dr. Jude Innocent and Grand Master “Tiger” Paul Innocent.
  • Black Belts in Tiger Jude 7 Styles, Tiger Paul Tae Kwon Do Modern Karate-Do, Kodokan Judo,  IOMASDA Ryu/Tetsu Tako Do, Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jutsu, Ninjutsu/Ninjitsu, New Shaolin Boxing Kung-Fu & Ultimate Bujutsu System.
  • Instructor & Team Coach
  • Instructor & Creator of Afro-Kemetian/Yoruba System  called AFRAKATA.
  • Instructor of Kobu-Jutsu & Kobudo (art of weaponry)
  • Instructor of Uke-Jutsu/Ukemi (art of falling)
  • Instructor and Practitioner of the “Iron Skirt” techniques (strengthening of the body through proper breathing and building of Chi)
  • Instructor of Traditional & Modern day Weapons Use & Disarming
  • Instructor of Meditation & Yoga
  • Instructor of Ply Metrics & Core
  • Instructor of Gymnastics & Tumbling
  • Instructor of Law Enforcement
  • Instructor of Pressure Point Tactics & Joint Manipulation
  • Instructor of Women’s Self Defense
  • Instructor of Unorthodox Boxing & Kick Boxing
  • Instructor for the Handicap & Disabled
  • Instructor for Special Needs Children
  • Instructor for the Elderly
  • Certified & Licensed Body Guard/Executive Protector
  • Certified & Licensed Concealed Weapons Carrier
  • Certified & Licensed Bails Enforcer/Fugitive Recovery Agent
  • Certified & Licensed Security Officer
  • Certified Nutritionist, Personal & Aerobics Trainer
  • Certified Advance CPR, AED, & First Aid for adult and child
  • Certified Diversity Trainer, Out Reach Worker & Counselor for “at-risk” youth
  • Bachelor degree in Psychology
  • Ph D. Martial Arts/Asian Philosophy


  • Tiger Jude’s Seven Styles Karate Organization
  • The New Shaolin Boxing Association (N.S.B.A)
  • International Society of Martial Art Association
  • World Martial Arts League
  • Florida & Haiti Representative of World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts
  • Florida State Director for the United States Martial Artist Association
  • Florida State President for World Martial Arts Organization Alliance
  • President of the International Head of Families Association
  • President of the International Martial Arts Lineage Association
  • Board Member, Grand Master Council Member, & Florida President of International Black Belt Organization
  • Board Member for World Christian Taekwondo Federation
  • World Tae Kwon Do Federation
  • Registered: Dong Koo Yudo Kwan in Korea
  • Registered: International Instructor-World Head of Society Japan
  • Florida Representative for Practical JuJitsu & Practical Martial Arts
  • American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts
  • The American Federation of Jujitsu
  • United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance & World black Belts Alliance International
  • National Kobudo Federation Pakistan
  • Taifu Kobudo Kai Association
  • Karate For Christ International
  • The Black Tigers International Ninja Society
  • The United Warriors Association
  • International Combat Aikido & JuJitsu Federation
  • IOMASDA Ninja Society/Bushido International
  • Southard Combat Systems International
  • World Combat Martial Arts Association
  • International Combat Martial Arts Union Association
  • American Aerobic Association International
  • International Sports Medicine Association
  • American Council on Exercise
  • American Heart Association
  • Masonic Descendants of the Pyramids KEMET
  • MWPHGL F & A.M. NY & FL


  • 1999 Black Man of Distinction – City of NY, presented by Senator Marty Markowitz, now Mayor, for service to the youth in the streets of Brooklyn, NY.
  • 1999 Teacher of the Year – Iron Octopus, presented by Grand Master Sinclair, for the service of Instruction within his organization.
  • 2003 Most Dedicated Martial Artist Award- United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame.
  • 2003 Humanitarian Award- United States Martial Arts International hall of Fame.
  • 2004 Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts- Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame.
  • 2004 American Fudoshin Award- World Martial Arts League Hall Of Fame (Germany). *Fudoshin- this is a special award given to a person who shows no fear when faced with danger, aggression or unexpected events. It applies to a warrior who remains calm and imperturbable in all circumstances. This concept was developed by Miyamoto Musashi and given the name “Iwa-no-mi” which means “Body like a rock”.
  • 2004 Silver Lifetime Achievement Award- Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  • 2005 Southard Martial Arts Hall of Fame


  • 1996 ULTIMATE MASTER – Glory Films Production – played character of “Evil Dreaded Ninja Leader”.
  • 1999-2000 Various Martial Arts Training Video series
  • 2001-2002 WCB Entertainment – BKAT cable TV, NY – Host of show; interview well known celebrities.
  • 2002 RICKI LAKE SHOW – UPN & FOX TV – Demonstrated Martial Arts
  • 2003-present – Varies demonstration and seminars done in South Florida.
  • 2004 Master Phoenix LeGrand interviewed by KOMPA TV
  • 2004-2005 LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS: Curriculums, Concepts, & Reality Check Video Series.
  • 2004-2005 URBAN WORKOUT VIDEO – Production series and Video DVD/VHS to be released in spring 2005 and aired on KOMPA TV on Comcast Cable.
  • 2004-2005 SELF DIRECTION 7 – HIP-HOP/MARTIAL ARTS Independent Motion Picture plays “MASTER SHADOW”
  • 2005 Master Phoenix LeGrand appear in Independant Movie “BULLETFIST” played “PHOENIX STAR”
  • 2006 EXPERT VILLAGE. LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS appear in short mini videos on simple ways and techniques on “How to Become a Mix Martial Artist.
  • 2006 MARTIAL ARTS REALITY SHOW to be filmed about the Life of Grand Master Le Grand and LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS.
  • 2007 Master Phoenix LeGrand appeared as SPIDERMAN under MARVEL APPEARANCES for the SpiderMan 3 DVD Release Party in West Palm Beach FL
  • 2009 Master Phoenix LeGrand interview by (view video on website or YouTube Channel)
  • 2011 LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS School of Mix Martial Arts appeared on DR. LOVE’s “This Is Why I do Qi Gong” video.
  • 2012 City of Coconut Creek Children’s Career Seminar – Martial Arts Demonstration
  • 2012 ABZ OF ADONISS Body Building Championship at Hilton Hotel Deerfield Florida – Martial Arts Demonstration (Intermission)

(Copy of tapes upon request)


  • 1993-2000 Street Outreach Worker and Counselor – Flatbush Development Corp. – Targeted “at-risk” youth ages 13-21. Put them in well-selected programs, activities including Martial Arts, and group discussions. A Mayor Dinkins Program funded by the City of NY.
  • 1996 & 1997 Summer Sports Camp – Brooklyn, NY – wrote proposal and safety plan and presented it to the New York Department of Health. Positions in camp were Executive Director, Camp Director, Sports & Activity Director, and Counselor. Assisted in organizing out-door trips, activities, educational games, and instructing a one hour Karate class.

(Copy of proposal & safety plan upon request)

  • 2001-2002 Office of Senator Carl Andrews – City of NY – Involved in Politics. Organized and assisted Senator’s committee in city functions. In charge of various colleges involving student election/voting debates. Worked voting polls.
  • 2002 Personal Training & Martial Arts for Kids – New York Sports Club, NYC – Organized and created program for parents to drop off children while they work-out in the gym.
  • 2003-present Team PHOENIX™ – Cities in Florida – newly formed non-profit program which targets families and communities of youths in FL who can’t afford the cost of Martial Arts for their children. It is FREE Martial Art training, training the child for group demonstrations and tournament appearances. In order to qualify for this program, the participant must conclude a list of task in order to show commitment and dedication. It builds troubled and/or interested youths into Instructor Material. It also sponsors all forms of outreach social services, group homes, activities, day cares and camps throughout the cities in FL.
  • 2003-present City of Coconut Creek – Coconut Creek, FL – assisting in organizing recreation programs and activities dealing with martial arts demonstrations and seminars through out the city.
  • 2003-present Ark Ministry Christian Church – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Assisting in a vision to build a 24 hour prayer and counseling outreach service to anyone; residential facilities for men, women, girls, boys, and senior citizens; a Christian School; a long term facility for troubled youth and Evangelistic Outreach Crusade Teams to reach the lost. This is under the direct supervision of Pastor Allen Jackson.
  • 2003-present IMPACT community Services, Inc. – Lauderhill, FL – Volunteering Martial Arts services to this non-profit social services agency for at-risk youths ages 13-18 which all live in a group home facility.
  • 2003-present New Life Ministries – Pompano Beach, FL – Christian Youth Programs, food Assistance, clothing bank, support groups, motivational speaking, referrals, substance abuse, inmate, sports psychologist, counseling, and of course Martial Arts. Under the direct supervision of Rev. Glenn Bostic.
  • 2004-present Lost Legacy Children’s Foundation – South Florida – Program put together by Black Belts Instructors of Lost Legacy to sponsor children with low income households, single parent homes, group homes, or abusive households.
  • 2005-Grand Kumite at LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS University of Martial Arts
  • 2006-TEAM PHOENIX, Inc. – Collaborates with the Children’s Foundation created in 2004.
  • 2007-2009-NEW ADVENTURES PRE K Academy. provided Martial Arts Enrichment to children 4 & 5yrs old.
  • 2007-present LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS Martial Arts Enrichment Classes at North Broward Prepatory Schools, Coconut Creek Florida
  • 2008-2010 LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS at Eagles Landings Summer & Night Owls Camp, Coconut Creek Florida
  • 2009-2010 LOST LEGACY SYTEMS at PrimeTime Performance Fitness Center


  • Government, Fraternity, Family & Friends, Students, Companies, Martial Artist, Churches, and more…

(References and copies of letters upon request)


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