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    Words like dedication, loyalty, spirit, duty, and commitment are always being used by teachers to describe what it takes to learn a particle Martial Arts. In the years prior to the 1980’s these words were often used and practiced by all students who wanted to …

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    Even today, hidden Confucian values often appear through the veneer of 20th century sophistication that the son remained implicitly obedient throughout his life and, when the parent died, became an object of worshipful veneration. This obedience and loyalty never wavered. From the Confucian values, the …

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  • 24 Ways to Help Prevent Child Abduction

    Young Children Should: Never say they are along if they answer the phone; they can offer to take a message or say their parents will phone back. Never answer the door if they are alone. Not invite anyone into the house without the permission of …

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  • Lost Legacy Safety Tips

    WE CARE FOR YOU AND WANT TO HELP YOU PROTECT YOURSELF. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: OFFICE: For many of us, the office seems like a second home. But like a house, it may not always be secure. Take precautions when you’re working late. Know …

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  • Ten Principles of Lost Legacy MMA Jujitsu

    Balance Mobility and Stability Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces Mental Resistance and Distraction Focus to the Smallest Point Possible Energy Transfer Create a Base Sticking Control and Sensitivity Rotational Momentum Transitional Flow Exert Continual Pain During Transitions Create Maximum Pain Without Dislocating Joint …

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    I am the Wind, I am the wall I am the wave, I rise, I fall. I am the Phoenix in fiery flight Training hard I need not fight. I am the Tiger who gently prowls I am the system of many styles. I am …

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  • Bruce Lee Commemorative JKD MMA Demo

    Bruce Lee Freestyle JKD Demo

    In November of 2011, Lost Legacy MMA Instructor J. Fields was blessed and honored to be able to perform for Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, who was hosting the event and promoting their plans to open a museum in Seattle. He was originally booked to DJ …

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  • Abz of Adoniss Mma Demo

    Abz of Adoniss Demo

    LOST LEGACY MMA will be at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino on September 16th from 10am to 4pm promoting our school and putting on a musical demonstration at 1pm. Please bring some friends with you and enjoy the show! The event was actually held at …

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  • MMA Video

    Kickboxing Combos, Aikido, Muay Thai & Self-Defense

    Kickboxing, Aikido techniques, Muay Thai fighting & Self-Defense at Lost Legacy MMA Coconut Creek, FL.  Sempai Fields is also Artist & Designer – For MMA School:

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  • Lost Legacy MMA school Coconut Creek, FL

    Lost Legacy MMA Blog

    Welcome to Lost Legacy MMA! We will be updating our blog shortly with information about our school and Mixed Martial Arts.  Thanks for visiting and come back soon!  

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