Lost Legacy is a traditional Mixed Martial Arts system consisting of battle proven techniques & applications for Modern Self-Defense & Competitive MMA training.

By mixing many “styles” of Martial Arts and allowing these movements to evolve with time, our curriculum remains relevant and incredibly useful in today’s society.

Any master or professional fighter will tell you, Meditation,  or getting in “The Zone” is the key to success. At Lost Legacy, we will assist you in mentally and spiritually preparing your body for the workout, cage, ring or life’s unexpected events.

Iron Skirt Gung Fu“, which was been passed down to Grand Master LeGrand by word of mouth (KUDEN), will be implemented to build your strength, power and chi (internal force). This knowledge will greatly enhance the training you will be receiving.

The styles of traditional Martial Arts mentioned below are the FOUNDATION of the  LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS MMA Program:


Jiujitsu (from Japanese Jû, ‘gentle’), uses holds, chokes, throws, trips, joint locks, kicks, and atemi (strikes to vital body areas). The techniques are gentle only in the sense that they are directed toward deflecting or controlling an attack; they can maim or kill. We teach a combination of traditional Japanese, American and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Judo (literally “the gentle way”) is an ancient martial art that makes use of the opponent’s strength to overcome him/her, thereby making it possible for a David to throw a Goliath. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), Kano Jigoro synthesized the existing schools into what is now an international sport.


While there are hundreds of styles of Kung Fu and Wu Shu, we teach authentic forms of Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, 24 Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Meihua Quan (Plum Flower Fist), Qin Na, Sanda, QiGong. There are also elements of Choy La Fut and Hung Gar within the system. The Shaolin movements are quick and acrobatic, Wing Chun is great for close range encounters, Tai Chi is excellent for balance and breath control, Meihua is internal/external, Qin Na is the Chinese joint-locking system, Sanda is Chinese Kickboxing with throws and the Qi Gong is to unify and protect the body, mind and spirit.


Karate or karate-do (空手道) is a martial art of Okinawan origin. Karate meaning Open Hand and Do meaning the Way (The Way of the Open Hand).Rather than being the product of any one person, culture or era, karate is a synthesis of various Okinawan fighting methods, enhanced intermittently with various forms of Chinese kung fu. In modernity, it is categorized by some as Budo, introduced to the Japanese main islands from Okinawa in 1921 by various Okinawan practitioners who migrated to Japan during the early 20th century. 


Ninjutsu or Ninjitsu is all about The Art of Deception. Lost Legacy STEALTH Kage Ninjutsu Ryu  is based on principles learned from the Late Grandmaster Ronald Duncan of Way of the Winds Ninjutsu, Professor Sosai Richard Sinclair’s Iron Octopus Ninjutsu and Master Le Grands own personal experience in the martial arts. We will teach you how to fake out your opponents psychologically and dominate them physically using tactics and strategies most martial arts schools do not teach. Anything and everything is a weapon when it comes to Ninjutsu!


Grappling is an element of many martial arts, and consists of techniques for handling the opponent in which the opponent is held or gripped rather than struck. This includes maneuvers to obtain a strong position (for example guard or mount), takedowns, various pins, submissions, joint locks, and pain locks. Chinese martial arts have a system related to grappling known as Chin-na which involves the use of acupressure points to obtain locks or to otherwise incapacitate an opponent.
Wrestle: the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat; “they had a fierce wrestle”; “we watched his grappling and wrestling with the bully”. Wrestling: the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down.

Let’s be real! Most fights usually end up on the floor. How are your skills when that happens? Here at the University of Martial Arts we make sure that when that does happen, that floor becomes your best friend!

Learn all forms of grappling in this intense, heart-racing program for the “Lovers of the ground.” It is a cardio-like strength training program, which conditions the practitioners body in becoming a total unstoppable force!

Developed for beginners and the advanced.

Who’s going to tap out first???


A Korean martial art created in the 1950s, which grew from the basis of karate. Tae kwon do is practiced by the Korean police and military, but is also one of the countries most popular sports. Tae kwon do emphasizes the use of kicking techniques. Tae Kwon Do, Taekwondo or Taekwon-Do is the Korean national sport and most commonly practiced form of Mudo. It is also one of the world’s most commonly practiced sports. In the Korean language, Tae (태, hanja 跆) means “to kick or destroy with the foot”, kwon (권, hanja 拳) means “punch or smash with the hand or fist”, and Do (도, hanja 道) means “way or art”. Hence, Taekwondo is taken to mean “foot, hand art


The Art of Using Weaponry. In 1609, the Satsuma Samurai Clan attacked and swept the Okinawan defenses. The islanders used turtle-shields and short-strabbing daggers, but they were of very little use against horse-backed, sword-carrying samurai or bows. The only instruments the farmers had were their simple farming tools. The unique martial arts of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo were born from this background. We engage in Traditional and Modern Day Weaponry (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, African, Native, and American).
This program is designed to make an individual into a Weapons Specialist. We teach every weapon there is from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, African, American, Brazillian, Fillipino, and Objects Available (Professor Sinclair’s System), plus more! We break each weapon into four (4) to six (6) levels before certifying the individual in that weapon. When you have mastered every weapon and/or course within this program, you will receive a beautiful large certificate naming you a Weapons Specialist of all Weapons. For children ages 10 to adult.


Ukemi, or “receiving the throw/attack,” is the art of knowing how to land or fall and recover correctly from a martial arts technique with minimal impact. Within a jujitsu, judo or aikido context, ukemi often refers to falling and getting up again in a fighting stance. Ukemi is most useful when being thrown or after powerful atemi but is also valid as an exercise in itself. Many classes begin with ukemi training as it conditions the body and mind. Literally “receiving [with/through] the body,” thus, the art of falling in response to a technique. MAE UKEMI are front roll-falls, USHIRO UKEMI are back roll-falls. Ideally, one should be able to execute UKEMI from any position and in any direction. The development of proper ukemi skills is just as important as the development of throwing skills and is no less deserving of attention and effort. Commonly refers to rolling in any direction, but can also mean any sort of ‘receiving energy’ by absorbing or deflecting, such as breakfalls, leaps, or gymnastics. 


Boxing is a combat sport. In both amateur and professional versions, the fighters wear padded gloves, attacking and defending only with fists. Each bout generally lasts for three minutes and the winner is the one who lands the most punches or knocks out his opponent. Boxing is also called Pugilism and prizefighting.

Throughout Grand Master Le Grand’s years of study within the martial arts, he was touched by a certain system which lead him to construct this unorthodox but yet organized form of boxing called “OCTO-BOXING“.

It is a form of boxing which increases your speed on each hand individually and trains both to become four times quicker, representing the form of the octopus. Thanks to the System of the Iron Octopus created by Professor R. Sinclair, Sr., Grand Master Le Grand has elevated his boxing level through the “Crippling Fist Methods” and has formed a way of training to help others achieve what he has in the past.

Like regular boxing, we execute multiple drills consisting of endurance, stamina, and speed training. We can also prepare you for amateur & professional fights/bouts if interested, but over-all it is an amazing and knowledgeable experience! We have a full ring, every type of bag, professional boxing trainers and Muay Thai Instructors on staff as well.


Ancient Chinese moving mediation that improves your immune system, strength, balance and longevity through dynamic stretching and breathing techniques. These techniques are specifically designed to open your meridians, activate your Chakras, increase and balance your internal Qi/Chi/Ki.


A spiritual and ascetic discipline which includes breath control, basic to advance meditation and the adaptation and imitations of various forms and poses of persons, places & things we encounter in our daily lives to assist us in gaining flexibility and in strengthening of our organs and core which all leads in the growth to self  enlightenment (to learn and know who self is through self discovery).


Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and kinaesthetic awareness, such as handsprings and handstands. It developed from fitness exercises used by ancient Egyptian & Greek soldiers, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. Acrobatics: the gymnastic moves of an acrobat.