• Florida kung fu school lost legacy

    Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy Partnership

    Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy is proud to announce cooperation with our first Kung Fu school in the USA, Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts in Lauderhill,  Florida. Like most martial artists, we all dream to visit and train at the original Shaolin Temple …

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  • Pompano Beach MMA school at ProAm

    17th Annual Miami Pro-Am MMA Demo

    Lost Legacy got to do an MMA demonstration to represent our Pompano Beach Martial Arts school. I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to visit us anytime at the dojo… OUS!   For more info about the event, visit:

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  • Coral Springs MMA Demo

    Lost Legacy MMA in Coral Springs, FL

    Lost Legacy Martial Arts performed in Coral Springs, FL for Em’s Place & the McGovern Foundation, which is dedicated to teaching toddlers how to swim. For more information or to donate to the foundation, click here for Em’s place on Facebook. Video coming soon… Click …

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  • The Six Branches of Yoga & Understanding Their Duties

    Hatha Yoga or Yoga of Postures Hatha Yoga is perhaps the path of Yoga you are most familiar with since this is the most popular branch of Yoga in the West. This branch of Yoga uses physical poses or Asana, Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, and …

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  • What is Chi and Where does it Come From?

    What is Chi or Qi and where does it come from? Many Martial Arts instructors will tell you that the power of your techniques is derived from controlling your Chi. Ask your Sensei to explain what Chi really is and how to use it. For …

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  • 10 Ways to Become a Forms Champion

    * This is a great article I came across years ago. Absorb… There are many factors that officials look for when judging forms. Following are 10 tips that should help you excel the next time you step in the ring. Basics Regardless of you rank, …

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  • Muscle Conditioning for the Martial Artist

    Power is a combination of strength and explosiveness. It is created by releasing maximum muscular force at maximum speed. To increase power, you must increase both speed and strength. By exerting strength with speed, you take advantage of both the force generated by the muscles …

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    Words like dedication, loyalty, spirit, duty, and commitment are always being used by teachers to describe what it takes to learn a particle Martial Arts. In the years prior to the 1980’s these words were often used and practiced by all students who wanted to …

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    Even today, hidden Confucian values often appear through the veneer of 20th century sophistication that the son remained implicitly obedient throughout his life and, when the parent died, became an object of worshipful veneration. This obedience and loyalty never wavered. From the Confucian values, the …

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  • 24 Ways to Help Prevent Child Abduction

    Young Children Should: Never say they are along if they answer the phone; they can offer to take a message or say their parents will phone back. Never answer the door if they are alone. Not invite anyone into the house without the permission of …

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