Lost Legacy is a realistic mixed martial arts system based on traditional styles such as JiuJitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, Ninjutsu, TaeKwonDo and Kickboxing.

Lost Legacy Systems was founded in Brooklyn, NY USA by 8th Dan Grandmaster Jean Phoenix LeGrand in 1998. LeGrand was born into a family of black belts and started his training young in 1974. He holds high instructor ranks in numerous traditional styles of martial arts ranging from Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Utilizing his lifetime of experience, he created the Lost Legacy lineage by combining these arts, designing original forms and new training methods. At the same time, there is a big focus on continuing to practice and develop our roots through traditional martial arts.  He is also a full time personal trainer and the Team Legacy MMA coach, so hardcore conditioning is incorporated into the system. In 2003, he moved to Florida and brought his art with him.

Lost Legacy Lineage & Grandmasters

lost legacy kungfu lineage legrand

Lost Legacy MMA FL Lineage Tiger Jude

Sosai Sinclair passed away in 2016

Professor Moses Powell passed away on Janauary 22, 2005

Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy is proud to announce cooperation with our first Kung Fu school in the USA, Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts in Lauderhill South Florida.

Florida kung fu school lost legacySifu Jonathan M. Fields, 4th Dan Chief Instructor of Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts School in Florida, USA has been traveling back and forth to Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy at the Shaolin Temple in China. He has been training under the supervision of 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Meihua Quan, Shifu Shi Yan Jun.

During his time at the academy and the temple, he was able to demonstrate to shifu Shi Yan Jun his skills and as an instructor, self-defense techniques, sanda sparring, qigong and understanding of Chinese Medicine. He was able to learn and show ability to teach Tai Chi, QiGong, Meihua Quan, Sanda and Qin Na.

Thus was born the cooperation between Lost Legacy Systems and Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy.

Lost Legacy is recognized as the first official partner in the USA and will be teaching authentic Shaolin Wushu forms, Meihua Quan, Tai Chi, Qin Na, Sanda and QiGong. Members have an opportunity for grading in the future with Shifu Shi Yan Jun when he visits the United States for seminars. The Shaolin curriculum will also be standard mandatory teaching for all Lost Legacy students.

Jun Mo Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bruce Lee made Wing Chun famous in the 1970’s for its efficacy in combat. His teacher was Ip Man.

Jun Mo Wing Chun is an official Ip Man Lineage system named by Grandmaster Lee Shing and given to Sifu Joseph Man in London 1978.  Lee Shing, was one of Yip Man’s top students and responsible for spreading Yip Man Wing Chun to Europe.

The system was approved and made official in 1980 by Yip Chun, eldest son of Yip Man. Yip Chun was chairman of the Yip Man Athletic Assocation at the time.

Lost Legacy Systems Sifu Fields is proud to be the first Jun Mo Wing Chun teachers in the United States outside of the Man family. Photos below of Lost Legacy sifus taking Jun Mo external instructor program training with Sifus Tresa Man (NYC) & Ma Dong Lei (London).

Jun Mo Wing Chun Kung Fu Florida

Jun Mo Wing Chun Instructor Training

Ju Mo Wing Chun Kung Fu